Perspective Field Drawing

Slowly they are teaching me to draw landscapes.

The above drawing (18×24″) was sketched from the terrace at the Education Sciences building near the bike bridge.  The initial pencil lines were made in about one and a half hours.  The ink and marker was applied later using the photograph for reference.  In all, the drawing represents about three hours of work.  I’m happy (mostly) with the perspective except for the landform on the left side (I think the trees are leaning too much and the hill is too steeply pitched.) and the embankment supporting the white pillars of the I-35W bridge seems somewhat skewed.  The water falling at the St. Anthony Dam also seems out of whack.  This is the first time I’ve used markers.  I’m not happy with the application of the color whatsoever.  Too chaotic and too many lines.  Need to work on the blending and the subtlety of the lines.


About matthewtraucht

Graduate school student at the University of Minnesota's College of Design pursuing a Master's of Landscape Architecture, class of 2013.
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