Pre-Capstone Final Book

The period leading up to a semester-long capstone project requires careful study of theory, history, and site.  This past semester- almost finished already- has required me to justify my project to my peers, my instructors, and to myself.  I had a lot of help transforming the abstract idea into a model for a real project.  I’m indebted to all who offered support and commentary through this process.  I am especially grateful to Vincent DeBritto, capstone advisor and professor at University of Minnesota; Andrew Montgomery, fellow student and patient reader; Richard Shiels, Director of the Newark Earthworks Center; Brad Lepper, Ohio Historical Society archaeologist; and John Hancock, architect and architectural historian at the Center for the Electronic Reconstruction of Historical and Archaeological Sites (CERHAS).

Please forgive the awkwardness of the presentation: This was assembled to be read in a two page spread book format not as a webpage.


Traucht_Book_Final_Page_01 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_02 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_03 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_04 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_05 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_06 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_07 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_08 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_09 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_10 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_11 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_12 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_13 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_14 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_15 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_16 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_17 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_18 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_19 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_20 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_21 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_22 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_23 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_24 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_25 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_26 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_27 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_28 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_29 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_30 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_31 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_32 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_33 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_34 Traucht_Book_Final_Page_35


About matthewtraucht

Graduate school student at the University of Minnesota's College of Design pursuing a Master's of Landscape Architecture, class of 2013.
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