Reflection.  Creativity.  Landscape.  Process.  Culture.  Critique.


One Response to About

  1. Mark says:

    Man, I was just doing some research on Andrea Palladio (whom I love) and somehow ended up following a link to your life. Funny how shit like that can change your whole outlook. I’m a landscape architect from Australia and it just made me smile to read about your struggles/successes with your course. It brought back so many memories and ideas that I had forgotten, thanks for that. Don’t worry about the course too much, you look like you on the right path (there are many paths and none are any more correct than the other, despite what they tell you!). Enjoy your time, keep a smile on your dial and don’t take it all too seriously, designing landscapes is meant to be enjoyed, first by you and then by the people who will use your spaces. Remember that gardens are fun, ask some old folks , they hang out in them all day for some reason. See you somewhere on planet earth, it will still be here when you get back, cheers, Mark.

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